Buy Nearby Collaboration | Sparrow Boutique


If you’ve been following me for sometime now you know I have a strong love for anything Michigan. I’ve always had an interest and have always shopped at boutiques (I used to work in one!) So when I was asked to choose a boutique that I love you know it was going to be Sparrow. I’m so excited that I get to promote the Buy Nearby Campaign which you can learn more about here. Continue Reading

10 Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will Love!

WHY YOUNEEDTO BEPERISCOPINGIF YOU'REAI noticed that when I open up with my readers and share things that inspire me, things that I’ve struggled with and over all opening up about me personally they respond well. My blog post from How I lost 50 lbs and how found my self worth went over so well on my blog as well as on pinterest. In fact because of that post might be the reason why you might be here! So here are some blog post ideas that I think your readers might really love. These are great for the days when you have writers block or when you just want to step away from the day-to-day content that you’re producing.

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