Spring Stripes


Target Striped Dress,  Aldo Purse,  Forever 21 Jacket,  DSW Booties

Happy Friday, Guys!! Ahhh I am so thrilled the weekend is just about here. This past week has been completely insane and the weekend will probably be just as insane.. But that’s okay! I’d rather have a busy life then a boring one.

Like I was saying above, life has been crazy. This past week was so compact of all sorts of emotions. Lots of highs and a few real lows. Our wedding ceremony spot changed again.
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Fueling your Soul

post3When you were younger, you drew, you colored.
You said you’d be a doctor one day, or maybe the president and no one ever told you; you couldn’t.
You had fun, and you took risks you weren’t ashamed.
You thought you were awesome.

When you get older, you forget you’re awesome.

Escape life cubical. We get so caught up on pleasing everyone else that we now forget to please ourselves.
Media, friends, family society want to mold you and tell you to be something that you’re not.
Deep down, you have all of the tools that you need to be happy. Stand out as an individual. When you start to do that your soul will sing.

Know yourself.
Who are you? What are the things you like, and what pisses you off? What makes you smile?
Identify that.

Stop thinking and start doing.
Anything that might appeal to you go out and give it a try! Volunteer or take a class. Do something to get you in the right direction of it and see if it’s something that could potentially bring you joy.

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Spring Dreaming

springdreaming1. Copper Coffee Spoons  2. Floppy Hat  3. Blush Mesh Mini Dress  4. Cheetah Sunnies  5. Circles Print  6. Faux Florals  7. Moscow Mule Mug  8. Copper Chair  9. Ankle Strap Sandals  10. Trapeze Bag

Is it warm where you’re at? Michigan teased us with some beautiful weather yesterday and It defiantly had me craving the warmer days of Spring. Did you have a wonderful Easter? We sure did! Our good friends Carisa and Henry (Carisa from Bunnies and Pearls) gave birth to their beautiful baby boy Saturday night. I’m so thrilled for the two of them; God is good.

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Everyday Uniform | Rose Water Designs GIVEAWAY!


Happy Friday Eve everyone!! Today is exciting because I’m I have a giveaway to share with you!! If you saw my previous post about Rose Water Designs, if not check it out here. But I shared with you guys a local jewelry artist and you know I LOVE featuring the locals! But we teamed up and she wanted to do a giveaway on the blog!! Her designs are absolutely stunning. She has some statement pieces but then she has delicate pieces that I am truly obsessed with. Hope you guys have a great Thursday and a terrific weekend!

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