Sunnies Facelift



So as you can see, Sunny had a bit of a facelift! This has been quite a process, but I’m so glad it’s finally here!

So I switched Everythings Always Sunny to WordPress because of SEO and there’s just much more freedom in design elements etc.. in WordPress. Now if you’re just starting your blog or thinking to start a blog, I did love blogger to learn about blogging. Everything in Blogger is super self-explanatory and easy to use and probably the best blogging platform to get to know the blogging world!

But for me, I feel as of lately I’ve become much more serious about my blog, and that’s why we decided to make the move to WordPress and so far, I’m REALLYYYY loving it! I love the plugins on the backend of it. They have SEO plugins that you just plug in, type in keywords instead of searching for hours on Pinterest trying to learn about SEO. They make it, so it’s all right infront of you that for me, is extremely useful!

Anyways, I hope you guys like the new look to Everythings Always Sunny! I wanted something with a lot of neutral colors so the content could be the focus!

I hope you guys have an great Thanksgiving and eat some fantastic food and take a looong nap!

Happy Tuesday Guys! xo



Classy in Black | Threads on 8th

Outfit – Threads on 8th, Threads on 8th Facebook, Instagram  |  Photos – Rachel Kaye Photography
You know what I love?? Dresses. Yes, dresses they’re my weakness and you know what’s even more my weakness. Dresses I can’t wear on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie to you, I have more dresses in my closet then I do tees. They’re not just like Summery go-to dresses no; they’re dresses you’d wear to an event. How may times can Kristin say the word dresses?
So a while back Rachel from Rachel Kaye Photography and I collaborated with Threads on 8th, and they had this dress picked out for me to wear. Oh My Gawwwd. Like it’s classy but then a little sexy and ahhhh It’s the definition of perfection. Yep!

Holiday Gift Guide | $50 & Under

We all have that one friend or family member that never asks for anything for Christmas, they always just get whatever they want. For me, It’s my Fiancé, Matt and my Dad! They both are a couple of the hardest people to shop for because they never want anything. Anything they need or want they just buy it. Now I know these items below probably aren’t too suitable for Matt and My Dad but if you have someone similar to them in your lives, I hope this little guide helps you out!
Ps, if you have some neat ideas for the men in your life, help a girl out. I’m stumped. 
Top Image via

Roasted Blueberry Ricotta Crostini

I first found this recipe on two peas and their pod blog but added and took away a couple things. I skipped the lemon zest and added the fresh mint for some garnish. I think this is a great hors d’oeuvre for this holiday season. It’s something that you can throw together pretty quick and is travel friendly! 
Also, I think it’s really great for a quick lunch!
2 cups fresh blueberries
4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, divided
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup ricotta cheese
1 French baguette, thinly sliced and toasted
Fresh mint for garnishAdditional honey, for drizzling
To get the full recipe please visit here

Local Lovin’ | Threads on 8th

So a while back my friend Rachel and I had the privilege to collaborate with the shop, Threads on 8th Located in Holland, Mi! Now in one word I’d describe the store, is classy. The ladies who buy for the store know exactly what they’re doing. When you walk in, you’re walking into high end, good quality pieces that will last you a lifetime. This whole outfit was styled at Threads on 8th you can find every piece there!


Holiday Gift Guide | $100 & Under

It blows my mind that Christmas is just five weeks away. So I thought it would the perfect time to start little gift guide! Gift guides are one of my favorite posts; I love that bloggers find items that are so unique, and I believe it makes Christmas shopping just a little easier!
I’m a big fan of unique gifts, and finding gifts are sentimental and that goes with people’s personalities. I picked the items below because I think  they could be that one thing that your family or friends are missing in their home.
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Libby The Bug

Stripes and Aztec
Photos – Rachel Kaye Photography  Outfit – Down To Earth

(This post is going to be mushy and a little dramatic but bare with me.)

So yesterday I hit a little milestone in my life and bought a car! Well, me and the credit union did, but I STILL, bought a new car but got rid of my little bug. Not going to lie I had a little cry sesh after driving away because of all the memories in that bug. I met Matt when I had a bug; I got Millie when I had the bug when I started this blog and for a few outfits, it was quite the backdrop! Lol! That little bug was my changing room for MANY outfit posts. Lol as many of you can relate. Or maybe some of you are actually organized with your outfit posts, unlike me.
Anyways, Libby the bug was great, and I loved her but was time for a big girl car. (That I freaking love and am super stoked about.) Buuuut, I love you little Libby bug. I hope you make another teenage girl feel just as sassy driving you as you did for me.

Yes, I know I’m dramatic.

Stripes and Aztec
Stripes and Aztec


Local Lovin’ | Vander Mill Ciders

Last week Matt and I took the week off! The day before we left for Traverse City we had dropped Millie off at my parents and on our way home we decided to stop by Vander Mill and check it out! Prior to going, I had purchased their ciders at Horrocks, and I enjoyed them! Their ciders are delicious as well as their food!
One thing I REALLY love about Vander Mill Ciders is that they make everything in the store/restaurant, their menu changes with season. They get all of the food and produce from local farmers, so whatever you eat and drink there, know you’re supporting local! 
The whole place was super neat. The people were great, food and drinks were fantastic and the whole restaurant had a really awesome vibe to it. 
Check out VanderMill Cider’s here 


Co-Hosting with Madewell | Ann Arbor Mi

Madewell Event
Ohhhh GUYYYS I’m SO excited to post about this!! I’m so unbelievably excited to let you guys know that I’ve teamed up with Madewell and will be co-hosting an event with them Saturday, December 6th from 4-6 PM. There will be sips, treats, a special discount and fun styling tips! 
I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity and hopefully a chance to meet and hang out with a few of you!! 
If you’re thinking of coming if you could RSVP to and let them know, that would be terrific!!
I hope to see you there!!


Have you been in love? I’m in love, I’m in like real real deep love with that guy. ^^^ Oh and I get to marry him in 7 months 2 weeks and 4 days. How lucky am I? It’s amazing how certain people can come into your life and completely change everything. I know I’m sounding like a mushy corn ball but I’m so insanely thankful for him. He’s my angel. Happy Birthday beeeebe, I love you.

All Photos are taken from Rachel Kaye Photography