Fresh Cucumber Salad

ccHappy Monday Guys! AHH I’m back! I took off the week + of blogging because of our wedding and honeymoon etc.. The time was crazy but now that we’re back from our honeymoon and everything has settled down a bit, I’m ready to pour out lots of new and exciting content! (Wedding pics coming soon! xo)
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DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

Not sure about you guys, but I am a huge fan of Lush’s bath bombs. For my bridal shower I knew I wanted to share something with my friends and family that I loved but Instead of buying 40 bath bombs from Lush I decided to make my own.

Now although they were extremely rewarding, to be completely honest, they are not easy to make. The consistency was hard to get perfect. You need to create “damp” sand (without getting it too damp), So just remember, less is more. They took a lot longer than I anticipated but also, I was making 40 of them haha. If I was just making 6 – 9 of them for myself than it would have been much easier but It was well worth it! I loved getting the feedback from my friends and family telling me now much they enjoyed it, and now I got a good blog post out of it as well! hah!

What you will need
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