polka10 copySweater is from Dockside in Grand Haven, Mi   Denim H&M, Bag Frances Jaye, Ruffled Top Target

I think it’s important to have balance in your outfit.. It TOTALLY depends on your personal style. For me, I am a sucker for almost anything edgy. 90’s grunge has my heart but I do appreciate the sweeter side to my wardrobe as well. I have to admit, almost anything with polka dots, ends up in my closet. They’re just so darling. Read more »


You can’t change the people.
If people are negative, if people are rude if all the people do is complain well.. Find different people. You can’t change people, but you can change who you continue to surround yourself with. So surround yourself with cool and awesome people. Not derpy cranky people.

Don’t let their crappy attitude crap on your attitude.
THATS RIGHT. Don’t let those people who have a dumpy attitude take a big ole diarrhea dump on your attitude… too far?.. But seriously, focus on the things that help you stay positive, listen to some good podcasts, surround yourself with happier people, read a good book, focus on the good things in your life, eat a pound of bacon, you know.. JUST STAY POSITIVE… OHHKAYYAH?!

Raising your consciousness.
DAAHH ok I knoowwww that sounds a bit woo woo but when you start focusing on the good things in life, when you start focusing on the gratitude and finding the “gold” in your daily life, when people come off negative or snarky to you, your instincts aren’t to just fight back anymore. You sort of just brush it off. Now don’t confuse this with becoming naive or being a push over.. Because once a friend or someone mistrusts you, you learn from that, and you take that as a lesson and know, maybe you can’t trust them with that certain thing anymore because they act in that way… But no need to lash out on people, life is just so much easier when you’re not an angry bastard all the time. I mean we got this one little life, we better have a shit ton of fun while we’re here!


It’s soooo weird to me that I’m coming up to my four year anniversary with blogging.. Also, if any of you are here from the very beginning what a freaking journey this has been and thank you for sticking with me from all the awkward trends that I’ve tried, all the branding and color changes but also just following this little space on the internet. I love you, you beautiful human.

With doing something for quite some time, comes experience and with that, there has come lots of questions from lots of you! Which is uber great and I love it! Lots of you have had questions about blogging, so today I’m going to share with you five things no one told me about blogging!

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