Chipotle Shrimp Tacos


Ever since our honeymoon I have been trying to perfect shrimp tacos. On our honeymoon, Matt and I took a day and went out to San Diego, and we stopped at a little cafe to get some brunch. Little did I know, that I’d have the most amazing shrimp tacos of my liiiifeeeee you can see this photo here of how EXCITED I was to annihilate them. Although anything I make won’t be comparable to those tacos but I can try, right? Continue Reading

White Denim on Denim | Sparrow Boutique

1This entire outfit was styled from Sparrow Boutique
Denim Top, White Jeans, Triangle Ring, Midi Ring, Triangle Crawler Earring, Canvas Bag

If you guys have been around for a while, you know my love for Sparrow is real. She has such a fantastic mix of trend, but the shop is curated with classic pieces. When I went Sparrow to style the outfits, I immediately had the vision of showcasing white denim and when she pulled the chambray top my heart immediately melted. Is that going to far?? Continue Reading