Add more good so there is no room for the bad.

The way to start changing the patterns is to start adding more good into your life rather than taking away the bad.

So you know I say you are who your surround yourself with. I know some of you might be in sticky relationships whether you’re married, it’s your boss an old friend or a family member and you just can’t get away from that. Find a supportive Facebook group (my shameless plug of The Sunny Group!) But seriously, start adding in positive reinforcements into your life. Most likely you’re a creative, reach out to other creatives, through blogging I’ve met some of the most positive, uplifting and inspirational people. Go to and find Meetups that interest you, listen to the right audios, listen to podcasts, read good uplifting books. Just start adding some positive reinforcements into your life, and it will begin to change.

Make sure you do the things that feel good and make the a daily routine, talk to your intuition, write a gratitude journal, take a walk (and leave the phone at home) purposely buy a good nutritional lunch that will fuel you.

It’s hard to eliminate something, so you just need to add some goodness into your life to take up the space of the bad.

It’s all about adding more of the good m’friend and I promise you, your thoughts will begin to change.

Love you, you beautiful babe. xo


Okay, cool your jets.








I’ve always appreciated when people are transparent about sponsorships. So here ya go.

Back on our Honeymoon, which was the end of June beginning of July, right around that time, I had joined a blogger network. Which is the middle man between the blogger/influencer and the brand. They do all of the communications, and they send me over campaigns/possible collaborations that they think might be a good fit for my blog. Then if you feel like it’d be a good fit for your audience, you can apply and maybe get picked for it!

So I got an opportunity to do a Fourth of July cocktail post for Hornitos Tequila on my Instagram you can find that here! When I got the e-mail that I got accepted for the campaign I was uber excited because number one, I love the Fourth of July and two, I have no shame, I love a good marg.

If the turnover time is quick, usually your network and the brand will have you go and purchase the item and reimburse you. So that’s what happened. So Matt and I head over to a local CVS in LA and buy the tequila. We stop by whole foods grab the ingredients and fresh fruit and get back to our hotel room and set up on our deck to take the photos.

Now it’s getting close to the end of our honeymoon and Matt and okay, Matt and I love the tequila, but we defiantly didn’t drink an entire fifth of liquor before the end of our honeymoon. (shocking.) After a lot of googling and brainstorming on how we can get the tequila we are we thought HEY let’s empty out a smart water bottle and pour the rest of the tequila in there then rinse out the glass tequila bottle and shove it between my clothes.

And it was a success! Although security did go through my luggage which we assumed would happen. But all was well with that. Just a little swig was gone, LOL KIDDING.

So if you’re ever trying to bring back liquor from a trip, all you need is your suitcase, lots of clothes, an empty smart water bottle, and a prayer. Pray that it doesn’t explode all over your clothes.

Also, reading this, I realize how cheap we are. Whatever, it made for a funny story.

Happy Monday Y’all! xo


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